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Louisiana Boat House, Nature Photography, Dusk in the Swamp


This Louisiana Boat House, Nature Photography, was taken on a long weekend road trip along the Louisiana coast. It was cold, dark and wet most days but it gave the swamp a particular draw, mysterious and beautiful. This boat house sat abandoned and unreachable in the setting sun. Its reflection in the still water like a portal through time when it was once used by local fishermen. It has survived many a hurricane against all odds and remains to this day (we have since visited it again). I’ll never forget the silence and beauty of this swamp filled with life and stories to tell.

Cliff Rose Nature Photography, Dreamy Flower Photo


This Cliff Rose Nature Photography, Dreamy Flower Photo, was taken in the forest along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Kaibab National Forest. It’s an amazing forest for camping, riding and exploring. You never know when you’ll run into a deer or a forest cow and the landscape is surprisingly varied from the Vermilion Cliffs to the North Rim trail with beautiful and rare flowers and wildlife. This was the first Cliff Rose I came across and I was fascinated by its very dreamy, Dr Seuss looking, qualities.

Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast Photography


This Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast Photography is my favorite photo from my last 4 day road trip along the coastline, from Astoria to Lincoln City. It was January but the weather was surprisingly warm and clear. Even when I lived nearby years ago I rarely saw a sunny day on the coast, so I felt especially lucky. The light was warm and wind was mild making for a great semi-realistic portrayal of life on the Oregon coast, not too rainy, but not uncharacteristically sunny either.

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